About us

Rishta by Arjun Saluja essence of experiment has stood for one main reference point: structure and drape. The sub-currents of darkness and intensity; the defiance of the normal convention of pattern making by desexifying the man or woman. Androgyny, a recurring theme in the collections could be simply a referencing to the traditional “Ardhnarishwara “concept – the paradoxal or compatibility union of male/female.
The Rishta customer is a nomad… layered with a sense of confidence and ease in their identity. Their lifestyle is a maze always looking for something new fresh with a distinct narrative.
The label explores cutting techniques that are linear and defined. The deconstruction of traditional silhouette to create a completely new shape or form is the foundation of the design aesthetic of the brand.
The mood board for the collections has drawn its inspiration from the streets. When you’re travelling you observe different kinds of people all coming from varied rungs of life and their emotional experiences.
These interactions are the underline story for each collection and the fabric and colors become the catalyst that pushes the narrative forward.
 Rishta is all about contradictions, creating pieces that thrive on emotions but at the same time bearing in mind versatility and utility. Making it into a unique conscious luxury brand.